SciTS 2016 Conference Seminar

SciTS 2016 Conference Seminar

Establishing a Professional Community: Interdisciplinary Executive Scientist, Integration and Implementation Sciences specialist, Research Development Professional or…


Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Holly Falk-Krzesinski, Gabriele Bammer

Interdisciplinary Executive Scientist

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Research Development Professional

National Association of Research Development Professionals (NORPD):

Reference: Holly Falk-Krzesinski (2013) I2S and Research Development
Professionals: Time to develop a mutually advantageous relationship (see book below for full reference):

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Integration and Implementation Sciences


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LinkedIn group: "Global Network for Research Integration and Implementation":

Twitter: @GabrieleBammer; #I2Sresources

Book: Bammer, G. 2013 Disciplining Interdisciplinarity: Integration and Implementation Sciences for Researching Complex Real-World Problems. ANU Press;


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