Nanotechnology: nature's gift or scientists' brainchild?

TitleNanotechnology: nature's gift or scientists' brainchild?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsHochella, MF, Spencer, MG, Jones, KL
JournalEnviron. Sci.: Nano
Pagination114 - 119
Date Published09/2015

In the field of environmental nanotechnology, opinions on the novelty of engineered nanomaterials vary; some scientists believe that many engineered nanomaterials are indeed unique, while others are convinced that we are simply fabricating structures already designed in nature. In this article, we present balanced, objective evidence on both sides of the debate. While the idea of novel nanomaterials opens the mind to imagine truly unique structures with architectures unparalleled in nature, the idea that these structures have related analogs in nature has environmental relevance as scientists and engineers aim to design and manufacture more sustainable and environmentally benign nanomaterials.

Short TitleEnviron. Sci.: Nano