Modeling Nanomaterial Environmental Fate in Aquatic Systems

TitleModeling Nanomaterial Environmental Fate in Aquatic Systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDale, AL, Casman, EA, Lowry, GV, Lead, JR, Viparelli, E, Baalousha, M
JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
Pagination2587 - 2593
Date Published03/2015

Mathematical models improve our fundamental understanding of the environmental behavior, fate, and transport of engineered nanomaterials (NMs, chemical substances or materials roughly 1–100 nm in size) and facilitate risk assessment and management activities. Although today’s large-scale environmental fate models for NMs are a considerable improvement over early efforts, a gap still remains between the experimental research performed to date on the environmental fate of NMs and its incorporation into models. This article provides an introduction to the current state of the science in modeling the fate and behavior of NMs in aquatic environments. We address the strengths and weaknesses of existing fate models, identify the challenges facing researchers in developing and validating these models, and offer a perspective on how these challenges can be addressed through the combined efforts of modelers and experimentalists.

Short TitleEnviron. Sci. Technol.