2014 CEINT Internal Meeting

Thursday, May 22, 2014 to Saturday, May 23, 2015

(All day)
Thomas Center, Duke University

MAY 22-23, 2014

The meeting will start at 8 am on Thursday, May 22nd and adjourn at 3pm on Friday, May 23rd.


Duke University
R. David Thomas Center on Duke’s West Campus


The meeting agenda has been finalized.

CEINT Research Summary Book (password protected)


The format of the meeting will be based around groupings of 5-minute presentations by students and post-docs followed by discussion panels of CEINT faculty who lead research in the area. For all who attended last year, it will be very similar. These presentations are designed to highlight your primary research question(s), interesting findings, and next steps, and we strictly adhere to the 5 minute time limit with the philosophy that this is just enough time to provoke thought and let people know about your work so they can contact you for more information, while also allowing for a wide range of presenters across the center. We’d like to have as many students and post-docs present as are interested; if you are unsure whether you should present, please check with your faculty advisor.

In place of a poster session, this year we will be creating a book of 1-page research summaries as a platform for everyone to share their research throughout the center. This 2014 CEINT Research Summary Book, is accessible online and is intended to foster connections between people with similar or complementary research interests, both during and hopefully after the meeting. For this reason, we encouraged all students and post-docs to submit summaries even if you are new, in which case summaries include planned research questions and next (or first) steps.


Please book your own coach travel to RDU as soon as possible, and share your itinerary with Eileen, who will arrange for transportation from the airport if needed. Eileen will also take care of booking hotel accommodations at the R. David Thomas Center on Duke's West Campus, and will be in touch with your confirmation information once your itineraries allow her to solidify your hotel stay. As always, students and post-docs will be sharing rooms with someone of the same gender. If there is someone you prefer to room with, let Eileen know and she will attempt to accommodate this when possible.

Travel Reimbursements:
In order to be reimbursed for travel, complete the CEINT travel reimbursement form and mail it along with all original receipts to Eileen Kramer, when you return home.


For additional information about meeting format and content, please contact Christine Hendren. For any questions about travel, lodging, or reimbursement, please contact Eileen Kramer.