CEINT is leading the field of nanoinformatics

Researchers recently published a manuscript integrating expertise from across the broad CEINT community, entitled: "A functional assay-based strategy for nanomaterial risk forecasting" in Science of the Total Environment.

The paper calls for moving beyond approaches that attempt to predict outcomes directly from nanomaterial characterizations to focus on more meaningful intermediary, semi-empirical measurements provided by functional assays, which are procedures that quantify how relevant materials behave in relevant systems. This paper asserts that by gathering data on key functional assay parameters, along with associated standardized measurements characterizing the materials and surrounding media, the nanoEHS community can collectively work toward providing meaningful near-term risk forecasts while also building an integrated dataset to ultimately support mechanistic understanding of nanomaterial behavior based on first principles.

A functional assay-based strategy for nanomaterial risk forecasting
Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Gregory V. Lowry, Jason M. Unrine, and Mark R. Wiesner
Science of The Total Environment 2015