CEINT 2017 Annual Meeting Review

By Stephanie Laughton

On April 27, 2017, CEINT affiliates from across the partner institutions descended upon Duke University for the commencement of the Annual Internal Meeting. The morning was divided between the CSSC and the Mesocosm Update sessions.

The CSSC session was “for the students by the students” comprised of peer mentoring groups, lab demonstrations, and trivia. Approximately 25 participants, from first year graduate students to post-docs, were able to make new friends and find potential research collaborations across the universities who participate in CEINT. This includes potential international collaborations with our French students.

The Mesocosm session highlighted the most up to date data collected from the 2016-17 season of mesocosm experiments. Gold, copper oxide, and ceria nanoparticles were dosed across standard and nutrient added boxes which resulted in many unexpected chemical and ecological effects.

The main Internal Meeting began in the afternoon, kicking off a day and a half of research presentations and panel discussions, moderated by the distinguished CEINT affiliated faculty. The six different groups below were used to highlight different areas of research across the center:

  1. Nanomaterial Fate in Complex Systems
  2. Nanomaterial Fate in Controlled Systems
  3. NanoInformatics and Data Integration
  4. Nano-enabled Applications
  5. Biouptake, Bioavailability, and Effects in Controlled Systems
  6. Biouptake, Bioavailability, and Effects in Complex Systems

Thirty-three research presentations demonstrated not only the most up-to-date data across the center but also further enabled students and faculty to find new areas of collaborative work.

The CSSC and CSC would like to thank all students and faculty who participated in the two day conference. We are excited to see what new research questions will emerge in the 9th year of CEINT!