Research Experience for Undergraduates | 2015 REU Fellows

Why CEINT? From our 2011 REU students & interns:

Kiana Morse

Rising Senior
Environmental Resources Engineering
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
CEINT Research Site: Dr. Kelvin Gregory’s lab, Carnegie Mellon University

Prior to my CEINT experience I did not have any significant lab background. Working in the lab at Carnegie Mellon showed me what the research world is all about and gave me valuable hands-on experience. Aside from lab work, I was also exposed to many other research projects and presentations. Working in the biology lab also deepened my understanding of chemical and biological concepts. I now have firm grasp on how to succeed in the graduate world.

Career Impacts

When applying for jobs, this experience will be a great asset to my resume. Additionally, this program has strengthened my self-discipline and ability to problem solve. I have had the fortune of meeting many great individuals at Carnegie Mellon and Duke University who are dedicated to my success. This summer was a great learning experience that opened my eyes to the multitude of career paths that are available to me as I move forward in my professional career.