Research Experience for Undergraduates | 2013 REU Fellows

Why CEINT? From our REU students & interns:

Matt Sweeney

Rising Sophomore
Chemical Engineering
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
CEINT Research Site: Wiesner Lab, Duke University

CEINT gave me my first opportunity to perform research. The experience allowed me to discover what researching as an engineer entails. Discovering the range of applications nanotechnology can be used in was incredible and seeing how all of the individual projects the REU students worked on fit together and could be applicable to the others allowed me to further my interest in nanotechnology. Also, the environment of the lab made me feel as though I was living a true graduate school lifestyle. Every member of the lab was interested in the research and was helpful in giving criticism or possible changes to improve the results, which helped the project come together and allow me to get to know all of the people working in the lab.

Career Impacts and Plans

CEINT helped me decide that I do want to perform research as a career. Since I am only a rising sophomore, I will continue to look into more REU programs that involve nanotechnology. My long term goals are to earn a PhD in chemical engineering and perform research. I am currently looking into research in the fields of nanotechnology and alternative energy.