Scientifica is a science enrichment program sponsored by the Durham Public Schools to encourage highly motivated students in Grades 8 through 12 to discover the world of science, pursue a career in this field and succeed in their career and in life. Designed to harness the resources offered by partnerships with the scientific community, Scientifica’s vision is to create a culture within the Durham Public Schools to support and promote student involvement and leadership in the field of science and to significantly improve students’ exposure to science.

Scientifica has partnered with CEINT to offer summer Research Internships in CEINT faculty labs at Duke for high school students participating in Scientifica, a program spanning all middle and high schools in Durham NC. This past summer 5 Scientifica high school students successfully completed a 6 week Research Internship which included orientation to basic lab skills and safety, completion of an original research project mentored by Faculty and graduate students in CEINT labs, weekly instruction in professional presentation of their research, and presentation of their research to CEINT Faculty, mentors and parents at their graduation ceremony. Sixty per cent of Scientifica students have stayed on this year to continue their research in CEINT labs and enter their projects into science competitions.