Theme 2: Cellular and Organismal Responses

Cellular and Organismal Responses research examines the impact of nanomaterials on organisms with respect to nanomaterials bioavailability, developmental impacts and toxicity. Bioavailability and toxicity testing serve a vital screening function, allowing us to examine a broad range of nanomaterials and build a database for calibrating and validating structure-activity models. Theme 2 studies 1) develop assays to rapidly screen for nanomaterial properties that may invoke toxic responses, and 2) identifies mechanisms acting at the molecular scale that explain the observed organismal and ecosystem responses that, taken in conjunction with activities in Theme 1, lay the groundwork for interpreting the ecosystem responses in Theme 3.

Selected Publicaitons

C. O. Hendren, Lowry, G. V. , Unrine, J. M. , and Wiesner, M. R. , A functional assay-based strategy for nanomaterial risk forecasting, Science of The Total Environment, 2015.