Does Every Silver Lining Have a Cloud?

A new educational video "Does Every Silver Lining Have a Cloud?" featuring the Duke led Center for the Environmental Implications of NanoTechnology (CEINT) was just released. This video focuses on CEINT researchers discussing their integrated research initiatives which are designed to link fundamental physical and chemical properties of nano-scale materials with their observed biological and ecosystem effects. This video was filmed by Brad Herring, Director of Nanoscale Informal Science Education, Museum of Life and Science, Durham NC. It will be included this year as a DVD in the 2012 NanoDays Kits sponsored by the NSF funded Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net), the largest network of museums, informal science educators and researchers in the US, dedicated to fostering public awareness, engagement, and understanding of nanoscale science engineering, and technology. Inclusion in the NanoDays Kits, a national public education initiative, will make this video available for use by museums and informal science educators across the US to inform the interested public about the research missions and initiatives of CEINT.

Does Every Silver Lining Have a Cloud? from NISE Network.