All the work of probe manufacture is based on the work of C. C. Wafer at al. (UNC, Raleigh, NC,USA) and modified/enhanced to achieve the goal of our studies. A big thanks to Steven Earp (student shop manager), Matthew Wiesner, Connor Coleman, Jonathan Bills without whom this work would not have been possible.

Equipment with the machines and help of the Pratt Student Shop

Lathe (the rod turns and the drill is fixed)

Bandsaw to cut the brass rods (hose clamp tigten before cutting)

from MSC

1 Micro Drill Chuck part # 01136498

Drills (as many as you break them): either size 55 (#01182559) or 1.10mm (#01241108)

Soldering wire

Soldering iron

Bunzen burner

Heat gun (harbor freight or other)

+ pliers, files, etc...


Platinum wire from Johnson Matthey Precious Metals Division : Platinum(99.95%) Wire 0.0394 inch diameter +/- .0004

From Mc master Carr

Part Number Description    
7972A209    Welding and Brazing Rod Gas, Low-Fuming Bronze, 1/8" Dia, 5-lb Pk, Packs of 5 Lb. (Same as 7972A163)    
7861K53    Moisture-Seal Polyolefin Heat-Shrink Tubing 1/4" ID Before, 5/64" ID After, 48" L, Black, Each of 48 In.    
7861K52 Moisture-Seal Polyolefin Heat-Shrink Tubing 3/16" ID Before, 1/16" ID After, 48" L, Black, Each of 48 In.    
7587K411   Stranded Sing le-Conductor Wire UL 1015, 18 Awg, 600 VAC, Blue (Same as 7587K41)  


72675K51 Moisture-Seal Polyolefin Heat-Shrink Tubing 0.183" ID Before, .060" ID After, .75" L, Red, Packs of 100    

Cleaning procedure:

HCl 4N just on the platinum tip with a rubber band.

Soak overnight (to check any leaks through the heatshrink) and test in water + little ORP solution


Illustrated step by step fabrication method:

Brazing Rod

Brazing Rod Drilling


Drilling no more than 6mm deep

Platinum wire

~ soldering the platinum ~ Pictures TBA


First layer of heat shrink

Second layer

Third layer and the probe is done

Installation in the field