Highlights 2009

1. CEINT Organizational Structure and Research Roles
1. Lab ≠ Mesocosms
10. Detection of Nanomaterials in Complex Media
10. Forescasts and measurements of nanosilver in wastewater
11. Cross-Referencing Nanomaterial Properties with Nanomaterial Bioactivity (CEINT collaboration with EPA)
11. Mapping Nanoparticle Properties to Toxicity
12. NIST-CEINT collaboration - Protocol development
12. Research at Multiple Scales and Levels of Complexity
13. 2008-12: CEINT Impacts Partner University Programs
13. Trophic Transfer of Nanomaterials
14. Nanoparticle Coatings Matter... or not
15. 2008-12: CEINT Outreach Expands Nationally
15. Ag NPs rapidly transform to Ag2S and Ag-S (organic) in natural and engineered systems
16. Predicting deposition of NPs Coated with organic macromolecules
2. Organisms are exposed to transformed NPs
2. Protocol Development
3. Deposition of Nanoparticles - Effect of Size and Surface Modification
3. Mesocosm Shared Facility
4. Impact of NP coating on bacterial toxicity
4. Preliminary Mesocosm Results
5. Nano has been here all along
5. NanoDays 2011: CEINT Expands Outreach Nationally
6. CEINT Expands Education Programs
6. Trophic Transfer of Au Nanoparticles
7. Cirate-coated AG NPs undergo maternal transfer in Caenorhabditis elegans
7. ToxCast High-throughput screening (HTS) of nanomaterial bioactivites in cultured cells and zebrafish embryos
8. Avoidance of AG NPs at environmentally relevant concentrations
8. Risk Forecasting
9. Commercial vs. Home-Made Materials
9. Toxicity Reduction of AgNPs by Sunlight
A Rare Look at Nanoparticles Reactivity and Aggregation
Adsorbed Polymer and NOM Limits Adhesion and Toxicity of Nano Scale Zero-Valent Iron (NZVI) to E. coli.
AG NP Embryotoxicity across a Salinity Gradient - The Role of Coatings and Dissolved Silver
Alex Simon
Alice Wang