Research Experience for Undergraduates | 2015 REU Fellows

2015 REU Students

Why CEINT? From our REU students & interns:

Elaine Hung

Rising Senior
Environmental Engineering
Texas Tech University
CEINT Research Site: Dr. Heileen Hsu-Kim’s lab, Duke University

Being part of CEINT was a rewarding experience by providing me with an unforgettable experience. Through CEINT, I was able to delve deeper in my research area at my home university and was able to see a point of view from another perspective. I was exposed to a wide range of research areas and I felt I was treated as a graduate student with deadlines and responsibilities. Partaking in CEINT, I was provided with a world-class research opportunity and a network of connections that will last a lifetime. I think the way CEINT impacted me the most was building connections with fellow REU peers, researchers, and professors. Each REU student had a separate research focus and each of us had obstacles and frustrations I think that connected all of us because we were able to relate to one another.

Career impacts

CEINT impacted me because I was surrounded by a multitude of post-doctoral candidates that all came from different backgrounds. Surrounded by researchers, I think continuing with research is something I would like to pursue because it is a constant challenge filled with obstacles and questions.