Nicholas Rogers

Chemical Engineering
University of Maryland Baltimore County
CEINT Research Site: Dr. Gregory Lowry’s lab, Carnegie Mellon University

The CEINT REU was my first research experience away from my home university. Inherently, this program gave me the chance to see how some of the top universities in my field work in regard to research. Looking to apply to graduate schools for the next academic year, this internship also gave me the chance to network with professors from two prospective graduate schools and interact with their lab groups. Regarding the research itself, I was able to explore another research area that I had not considered before and expand my knowledge in the environmental engineering field. Beyond that, I got to get to know the other students in the program, who have since become outstanding friends and colleagues.

Career Impacts

CEINT has helped me to expose me to many different research areas, and has helped me to meet many professors who are experts in these fields. My research has opened up numerous networking opportunities, which includes a presentation in Washington D.C. at the National Science Foundation. Overall though, this internship has helped to identify more research interests that I have, which will be very helpful moving toward graduate school.