Brianna Thornton

Rising Junior
Chemical Engineering, Tuskegee University
CEINT Research Site: Dr. Emily Bernhardt and Dr. Benjamin Colman’s Lab, Duke University

My summer with CEINT was the most influential summer I’ve experienced so far. Being far from home for that amount of time was intimidating, but the mentors as well as the other REU students were warming and helpful. The atmosphere of Duke University and the city of Durham was so warm and inviting that I honestly was not ready to return home once the time came. I have made life-long friends and formed relationships with others from around the country that I would never have met without being in this program. I truly treasure my experiences and time with CEINT.

Career Impacts

The knowledge I’ve gained about the world of nanotechnology has truly opened my eyes. Before this summer, I had no experience in that field. Now, thanks to my summer experience, I plan to apply to environmental engineering programs that involve nanotechnology for graduate school.