Aleksander Felipe Piasecki

Rising Junior
Chemical Engineering
Pennsylvania State University
CEINT Research Site: Dr. Mark Wiesner’s lab, Duke University

Participating in the CEINT 2015 REU at Duke University was a great experience. Not only was I able to get really involved in interesting new research, which was related yet distinct from the research I do at my current university, but I was surrounded by a good diverse group of friends in the REU. We certainly helped each other academically and with our research, but we were able to bond and have a good summer together as well. I had a great time at Duke, and the REU provided interesting research, on top of a friendly a good environment where I was able to have fun.

Career Impacts

CEINT solidified my conviction to attend graduate school. I am certainly interested in the area of nanotechnology, as this is what I do in my current lab as well. I have decided that nanoparticles specifically are not my desired area, but nanomaterial synthesis is. I definitely plan to expand on these interests, in part due to CEINT.