Athena Nghiem

Rising Senior
Geophysics and Statistics
University of California, Berkeley
CEINT Research Site: Dr. Mélanie Auffan’s Lab, the CEREGE, Aix-en-Province, France

Through the CEINT REU, I had the opportunity to work with international research scientists and learn laboratory instrumentation protocol for nanoparticle characterizations while refining my French vocabulary. Actively participating in the global and multidisciplinary nature of nanotechnology research at CEREGE in Aix-en-Provence, France was an unforgettable experience. From being flexible and persistent in adapting experimentation to adapting another culture, I was greatly motivated not only by the environmental impacts of nanotechnology research on EU industry policies and but also all my mentors, from research scientists to post-docs to fellow students, who supported that supported me in my scientific endeavors abroad.

Career impacts and plans

As result of this REU experience, I know that I can thrive in a research-intensive environment. Moreover, I also know understanding the direct impacts of research is critical, which has lead me to graduate programs that have focus on environmental impacts of research, whether through nanotechnology or aqueous geochemistry, on society. I also aim to pursue a career that will hope to mentor future budding scientists as well.