Julian Paige

Rising Sophomore
Chemical Engineering
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
CEINT Research Site: Lab of Dr. Linsey Marr, Virginia Tech University

The CEINT program was my first internship and acquainted me to scientific research and grad school preparation. CEINT introduced me to nanotechnology research in a variety of fields, each with their own focus and perspective. Conducting research at Virginia Tech in the Marr group I gained invaluable experience relating to general and advanced research practices, as well as graduate school expectations and career paths. My research mentor PI were very welcoming and were eager to help me understand my project and get the most out of it. By attending group meetings I gained exposure to parallel work in the field, peer-reviews, as well as post-graduate research talks and careers. My experience exposed me to both the ups and downs of research, the moments when you first start to collect exciting data, as well as the early mornings and frequent down periods. Visiting the EPA allowed me to understand the role and responsibilities of a regulatory government agencies as well as the various career opportunities they offer.

Career Impacts

I applied for CEINT because I was interested in conducting research in a variety of fields including Environmental engineering. This experience further fueled my interest to pursue a Ph.D. in an engineering discipline. I learned about emerging nanotechnologies and the problems they create, as well as research into monitoring and solving those problems. If I choose to pursue a graduate degree in Environmental Engineering, this is definitely a field I would consider. I plan on applying to summer research opportunities each summer, and joining a lab group at my home campus to gain even more research experience to prepare myself for graduate school.