Juan Gabriel Jimenez

Rising Senior
Mechanical Engineering
Inter American University of Puerto Rico
CEINT Research Site: Lab of Dr. Melanie Auffan –the CEREGE, Aix-en-Province, France

Being part of the CEINT REU program was an incredible opportunity to gain valuable exposure scientific research in the field of nanotechnology in a foreign country. I genuinely felt integrated into the work environment at the CEREGE. While there I was presented with various opportunities to consult PhD students as well as post-docs, in addition to my mentor. This experience also provided me with an intimate perspective of the patience and collaboration required in a research career. Furthermore, living and working in France was truly an incredible and valuable cultural experience which helped me mature as a person and researcher.

Career Impacts and Plans

The CEINT REU had a significant impact in my choice to pursue graduate school. Currently I am doing a Master of Engineering in the field of Biomedical Engineering and I know that I would like to continue to a PhD.