Jasper Sia

Rising Junior
Chemical Engineering & Mathematics
University of Arizona
CEINT Research Site: Gunsch Lab, Duke University

In addition to the opportunity to work with frontier research on nanotechnology, developing relationships with the affiliates of CEINT was an integral part in my CEINT REU experience. In their busy schedules, my professor and graduate student invested on me their breadth of knowledge and time; they taught me the essentials and encouraged me to contemplate the reasons behind the nanoparticle experiments and procedures and to improve upon them. The weekly meetings and the people involved in them remind me of CEINT’s overarching objective and of how my seemingly small project is important to accomplish this multilayered collaborative goal. Between the CEINT REUs, we share with each other our exciting events and encourage each other during our discouraging days, both always present in research. The people are great, and I am truly thankful to be part of such an amazing experience.