Eric Ryberg

Rising Junior
Chemistry/Earth and Planetary Sciences
Johns Hopkins University
CEINT Research Site: DiGuilio Lab – Duke University

Participating in the CEINT REU program was a wonderful experience. The most eye-opening part of this experience was seeing how each piece of research fit into the larger breadth of knowledge that CEINT was pioneering. We each had the opportunity to see how our specific role fit into our lab’s research projects, and how those together fit into the big picture, all of which we learned about during our orientation. To see your own research pushes the boundaries of what you learned in class is truly something special. Outside of work, living with other highly motivated students was indescribable. I have never experienced such intellectually rewarding conversation in a casual setting before.

Career Impact and Plans

The CEINT REU helped me realize how much I appreciate environmental research. After finishing my undergraduate degrees, I hope to pursue a PhD in paleoclimatology. Until CEINT, I was switching between career choices, but now I have decided to continue my environmental studies into a graduate program.