Amulya Pervaje

Chemical Engineering Major
Vanderbilt University
CEINT Research Site: Vikesland Lab, Virginia Tech

I really enjoyed my lab experience in the summer. I learned to use the AFM really well. Also, previously I had never had actual lab work experience, so I was nice to get that over the summer. The graduate student I worked, Ron Kent was super nice and helpful and showed me the ropes in the experiments I was conducting. I enjoyed seeing two experiments to completion, from collecting data to analyzing the results. Outside the lab, it was nice to interact with wonderful, smart, capable individuals in the program or working for CEINT. Hearing the lectures in orientation and seeing everyone’s presentation at the end highlighted to me the wonderful research going on at CEINT and I felt lucky to be a part of it.

Career Impacts and Plans

I'm in the process of applying to jobs and graduate schools. I think the CEINT REU experience is definitely an asset to my resume and research experience. It's something I can talk about in my application or at an interview. It was really good hands-on research experience. I shall treasure the experience I had at CEINT REU.