Annastassia Gallo

Rising Senior
Arcadia University
CEINT Research Site: Tilton Lab, Carnegie Mellon University

CEINT brought together many disciplines of nanotechnology, from fields I had been exposed to and others I had not. It was an incredible learning opportunity-not only to see how these fields of science work together on environmental issues, but also be a part of the ongoing research. One of the greatest experiences that I had was that I worked independently on a project, yet was part of a group at CMU because it gave me the sense of the graduate school environment.

Career Impacts and Plans

CEINT helped me realize that research is what I plan to do in the next step in my career. This REU experience helped me obtain an internship at the USDA Agricultural Research Service for Spring 2013.

Graduate School Plans

I am attending Temple University for Inorganic Chemistry and beginning my research there in the summer of 2013.