Sarah Welsh

Rising Junior
Chemistry and English - Double Major
Westminster College
CEINT Research Site: Gregory Lab - Carnegie Mellon University

I chose to participate in the CEINT summer program because it was a great way to get involved in cutting edge research. I love that science is always changing; there’s always a new field that has never been studied in the past, or simply a new way of looking at a known field. CEINT was able to provide me with an opportunity to actively participate in research in an exciting, up-and-coming field. It was also important to me that this is an interdisciplinary program. Through CEINT, chemists, engineers, biologists, and more collaborate to find answers to pressing questions about nanotechnology’s effects on the environment. This collaboration allows for a more rounded, complete understanding of the questions at hand. I’m very excited to be a part of this research center that is contributing fresh knowledge to such a growing field.