Tara Soni

Rising Junior
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
CEINT Research Site: Bernhardt Lab- Duke University

I have been interested in research since I was a high school student, when I got the opportunity to work in the Chemical Biology Platform at the Broad Institute. I have been always been interested in environmental issues and I am currently an environmental engineering major. Last summer, I got my first taste of environmental research in the Polz Lab at MIT.

I was attracted to the CEINT REU program because the research immediately appealed to me. Nanotechnology is an important field that can redefine the scale of current projects. I did not have any experience with nanotechnology and wanted to gain experience and understanding, in an effort to fully understand the broad range and scope of environmental research. The structure of the program also allows me to learn more about the many connections between the many research projects at such an interdisciplinary center