Welcome to Nanoscience-Grades 9-12

"Welcome to Nanoscience: Interdisciplinary Environmental Explorations, Grades 9–12" is a high school curriculum initially funded by the National Science Foundation and initially developed under the name Nano2Earth by Mike Hochella and colleagues at Virginia Tech University. Welcome to Nanoscience was accepted for publication by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) press.

Itintroduces nanotechnology through investigations of groundwater and is targeted for use in high school Biology, Chemistry and Earth and Environmental Science Classes. CEINT supported refinement of the curriculum so that it could be submitted to National Science Teachers Association for review for publication.

The curriculum consists of a set of nano-science lessons that can be taught as stand alone lessons or as a whole curriculum. As a whole, the materials span approximately three weeks of instructional activities. The curriculum includes introductory chapters that provide background on nano-scale science and technology. Classroom-tested, inquiry-based investigations follow the BSCS 5E Instructional Model and include step-by-step instructions, materials lists, and data charts. Teachers may choose to use individual lessons or the whole curriculum.

Welcome to Nanoscience helps biology, chemistry, and Earth and environmental science teachers at the secondary level introduce the science behind nanotechnology into their curriculum. The authors begin with historical background, include tips on how to use the book, and lessons are mapped to National Science Education Standards. The book provides a unique framework for the study of nano-scale science through environmental science, specifically groundwater pollution.

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